About FinSANA

Fintech products that simplify credit access for everyday consumers on a global scale.

FinSANA is a fintech organization that specializes in technology solutions that facilitate the financing of near-prime and non-prime consumers. Our focus on data science, marketing, collections, payment processing, technology, and the customer has propelled us to be a leader in an industry where consumers are not well-served by traditional banks and their products.

Over the last 15 years, our internally architected suite of financial solutions have serviced millions of consumers in North, Central, and South America that have urgent credit needs. Our dedication to building transformative products that are tailor made for an underserved market has allowed us to become an industry leader and market innovator.

Our Leadership Team

Brian Martin
Brian MartinCEO
Dustin Canuel
Dustin CanuelCOO
Deric Vourantonis
Deric VourantonisCFO
Mark Bettiol
Mark BettiolCCO
Team Members
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