FinSANA provides relief from unexpected financial setbacks.

Years of Expertise and a Commitment to Innovative Financial Solutions

FinSANA is a fintech company that has nearly two decades of lending experience. The company has a strong corporate governance structure and a proven scalable lending technology platform. FinSANA’s cutting edge technology allows it to offer a high rate of return on investments.

With an Ernst & Young rating of BB, we take great pride in being a reliable investment company. Compliance, policy, and data-driven decision-making are three of our fundamental beliefs.


Proven Scalability Expanded to Six Countries

When it comes to meeting the needs our customers, our products offer multiple options that are tailored to specific geographical areas and their respective regulatory environments. This allows us to serve a wide range of customers with the products and solutions they need to succeed.

Mitigating risk with technology and data.

Our innovative lending technology increases efficiency and reduces risk by identifying the necessary requirements to comply with rules and regulations in various districts.

Work with us

Our success as a fintech platform is dependent on the skill and innovation-spurring spirit of our staff. Our goal is to bring together bright minds and support their growth alongside our own.

We currently have multiple openings for the following positions: